I have a professional showreel here

You can hear and buy my music on bandcamp or soundcloud and the usual streaming sites. I have a youtube channel with music and videos I produce/finance and commission.

I will write music for your project or perform for your event, just pitch your idea

I am a media composer, occasional laptop dj and multi-instrumentalist. I write acoustic classical (string quartets / choirs / chamber music) and electronic music; I play Piano & Viola to Diploma level.

I have been recently releasing soundtracks and art music through my own imprint  Paper Folds, a single track release with Anti-Ghost Moon Ray, and my film score for award winning film TRANSMISSION on limited release through Burning Witches Records.

I am working on a new release ‘Preludes’ an audio visual project due late spring, and a deluxe version of the TRANSMISSION soundtrack, both on Paper Folds.

I am also directing a choir for artist Megan Broadmeadow and her latest project        SEEK PRAY ADVANCE


I spent a time over several years in Berlin before settling in Bristol. I now focus on playing piano, composing and producing.

I previously performed across the UK, USA and Europe when I was playing/djing live electronica. I have kept writing now for media, mostly for Ian Pons Jewell and directorial duo Parallel Madness, on short films and advert campaigns.


In my day-to-day life I work in child protection. I have an MA in Gender Psychology and maybe want to pursue Educational Psychology and work with courts (if I don’t get picked up by Universal or find a way to make music pay a living).

I care very much for youth justice.

I’m obsessed with cinema only very slightly more than I am obsessed with fiction.

I love noise music, Schnittke, Oval, go crazy for Swedish and Calafornian bubblegum pop production/composition and 80’s/90’s Howard Shore film scores.

I’m in love with Sia.